What makes Laravel framework the best choice for PHP Web Development?

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There are several PHP frameworks available in the market for developing robust web applications like Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, Phalcon, and many others. But, Laravel has retained the first position in the list of best MVC-based PHP frameworks due to the ease and flexibility it provides to web developers.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a web app development framework with expressive and elegant syntax that makes the entire web development process faster, easier, and enjoyable for developers by eliminating all the pain-points associated with handling complex PHP code.

Laravel framework was created by Taylor Otwell.

Top Five Laravel Framework

Blade Template Engine

It uses Blade template engine, which is simple but very powerful compared to other PHP templating engines. It adds zero overhead to our web app and doesn’t restrict you from using plain PHP code in views. Some convenient shortcuts for general PHP functions, it also provides features like template inheritance and displaying data that adds flexibility to the web development process.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM in Laravel provides web developers with a simple ActiveRecord implementation that makes their interaction with databases easy and less time-consuming. It lets them write database queries using PHP syntax, and they don’t need to write or know SQL for updating or modifying databases.

Laravel MVC Architecture

Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework that ensures a tight separation between presentation layers and business logic. Being based on MVC, the framework provides many features like high performance, increased security, and scalability.

Open Source and Wide Community

Though many PHP frameworks come with a price tag, Laravel is an open-source framework for web developers. Also, it has a powerful community that supports the framework to make it more advanced and flexible.

Object Oriented Libraries

Laravel PHP framework is packed with many built-in object-oriented libraries that are full of amazing features for developers.Along with these fantastic Laravel framework features, various reasons make organizations ready to go ahead with Laravel development services. These very reasons, or rather the benefits of Laravel Framework, are listed below.

Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

  • The popularity of the framework
  • Database access
  • Third-party integrations
  • Performance support
  • Modularity
  • Built-in modules
  • Cost of development
  • Testing features
  • Community Support
  • Security


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